Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What are the strengths and weaknesses of dependency theorists Essay - 1

What are the strengths and weaknesses of dependence theorists interoperation of planetary inequality What are the strengths and weaknesses of modernisation theorists interoperation of global inequality - Essay Examplethis paper will focus on other factors that are perceive to be of immense significance when it comes to general shortcomings of these theories and their strengths as well. Specifically, this paper is going to evaluate the view of dependency guess in relation to its strengths and weaknesses in relation to interpretation of global inequality.The emergence of dependence theory is based on the questioning of reliability of commercialise-oriented theories like modernization theory. The major issue of concern was to disown the idea that the major reason according to modernization theory, why underdeveloped countries continued to be wretched was due to their cultural and institutional faults. Dependency theorist built their argument based on Karl Marxs capitalism. This is what was highlighted in major areas of concern as to why these countries were underdeveloped. They argued that capitalism was responsible for creation of a physical body of countries that manipulated other countries (Giddens 2009). This is in relation to what happens to capitalism within a country, where the rich or owners of means of work exploit workers or wretched class people. In light with this, dependency theorist argues that poverty and underdevelopment of low income countries is as a result of exploitation by the wealthy nations.In their view, dependency theorist believes that this genial of exploitation began with colonialism. This is the spectrum through which wealthy and powerful nations ruled over the weak nations for their greed for profit maximization and domination. For example, powerful nations have colonized poor countries in a bid to acquire raw materials to design in their factories. In addition, they ensure that they control the market from which the poor countries trade on. Unfortunately, the products sold in the controlled market are the end products of the raw materials taken by the wealthy nations. In fact, it is believed that this is well executed by global companies supported by big banks

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